The Spiceburger in Literature and Advertising:

The Spiceburger that Paddy’s father Maurice Walsh invented has been and still is mentioned in many Irish writings.

Roddy Doyle writes about the ‘ubiquitous’ Spiceburger in his novel The Van.

‘The beer is beerier, the Spiceburgers spicier and Christmas more Christmassy’.

Ross O’ Carroll Kelly mentions the Spoice boorger (sic) as ‘Surf ‘n’ Turf’ that can be found in Burdocks famous Chipper on the Love/Hate tour.
(The Irish Times Magazine. March 16. 2013)

When asked what are some of the things they miss about Ireland Glen Power from The Script said ‘Going for a Spiceburger to the local chipper’.
(Evening Herald Newspaper. June 22 2013)