Our Products

All of the following products from the Paddy Walsh Food Company are FULLY COOKED and come frozen.

  • 1. STANDARD TRADITIONAL SB - 100 grms. 3 bags of 10 SpiceBurgers per Case. Code SB 30.
  • 2. JUMBO SPICEBURGERS - 140  grms. 3 bags of 8 Jumbo SpiceBurgers per Case. Code SJB 24.
  • 3. NEW CURRYBURGER - 100 grms. 3 bags of 30 Curryburgers per Case. Code CB 30.
  • 4. COOKED SAUSAGES - Big 8′s.  6 x 1 kilo bags per Case.


What’s in a spiceburger?!

We can only speak for a PADDY WALSH’S SPICEBURGER and while we cannot divulge the secret herbs & spices that are blended to Paddy’s specific requirements we can tell you that our Spiceburger is 100% Irish. The beef is a 100% traceable Irish, the manufacture is 100% Irish and the commitment is 100% Paddy Walsh and his Family.


Production and Accreditations.

Our Spiceburger manufacturer has been carefully vetted to Paddy’s exacting production standards and they fulfil the following criteria:

  • Grade A BRC Approved.
  • Department of Agriculture approved (Plant no P792 EEC).
  • Approved HACCP & Quality Systems.

Full product traceability.