Q & A’s

Paddy Walsh Foods gives the wholesaler/ distributor a workable margin while maintaining a competitive basic pricing structure and thus enabling the distributor to sell competitively to the end user.
For details of our distributors or if you are interested in becoming a distributor of the Paddy Walsh Spiceburger you can contact Paddy directly on 00353 86 2601326. 
The Paddy Walsh Spiceburger is 100% better than similar offerings on the market – Burdocks, Macaries etc. – all renowned & respected Takeaway outlets – are now using the Paddy Walsh Spiceburger.
Paddy Walsh Foods are happy to offer the wholesaler / distributor a ‘back up’ sales support service in terms of personnel (Helen Walsh), relevant P.O.S material and any other relevant business support relating to the Spiceburger.
While the Paddy Walsh Spiceburger is in itself a unique offering there are a number of varieties on a theme that the company are offering to customers as in:
The standard 100grm Spiceburger.
The Jumbo 140 grm Spiceburger.
The 100grm Curry Burger.
A simple answer is because we are a nice company to deal with based on:
Our enjoyment of the business world and our belief in treating all people with courtesy, respect and good humour.
Our overall experience in business.
The excellent business reputations that our team as individuals have garnered over the years.
Our understanding of the market’s current and changing needs.
Grill / Oven Bake / Toast/ Bar-b-que/ Microwave / Shallow fry/ Deep fry.
A selection of recipes can be found further along on this website.
Only if you eat more than 10 a day as the standard Spiceburger is only 200 calories.